7 Ways You Can Rock Charlotte Pride

Pride month may be over, but 20GayTeen sure isn’t. In fact, Charlotte Pride is just around the corner. It is going to be amazing, with guests like Superfruit and Cupcakke making an appearance, it is something you won’t want to miss.

But if you’ve never been to pride before, it can be intimidating. So here are the top seven ways to get ready for Charlotte Pride this year.

  1. Invite your friends.

I mean, us gays tend to flock together, and everything is better with your friends. So invite all your LGBT pals to come with you and make it a party.

Bringing friends will make you feel more comfortable in the crowd. I mean, being yourself is what it’s all about, so make sure you have people to break you out of your shell. Plus, chances are, some of your friends will have been to pride, so they can let you know what to expect.


  1. Order a flag ahead of time.

If you’re anything like me, you will take the concept of Pride to the extreme. That means dressing up and making sure everyone and their mom knows I’m a lesbian. Part of this is obviously the flag.

While a flag is not necessary, it sure makes you look ten times cooler when you wear it like a cape. So go ahead and get one ahead of time, that way all your pre-pride pics look just as awesome.


  1. Do some research.

Beyond the actual parade, Pride is normally a week-long event. Most cities have a website set up to give details about events, contests, and entertainers they have booked. The parade is really fun, but so is watching a Drag Show or listening to some live music.


  1. Make a playlist.

The party doesn’t have to end when you leave. Make a playlist to get hype on the way and to keep the energy up going home. Some great LGBT artists that make it on my list year after year include:

-Hayley Kiyoko: I mean she is the queen of the lesbians basically.

-Kehlani: Mmmmm love Honey and What I Need.

-Sia: The Greatest belongs on the playlist for the message it sends and the tribute to Pulse.

-Panic! At the Disco: Do I even need to say anything.


  1. Save some cash.

There will be tons of cool merch you can buy ranging from shirts to buttons to pins. I would bring some cash if you are looking for some gear. In my experience, $30 should be enough if you aren’t looking for anything too extravagant.

  1. Get the glitter before you go.

Cosmetic glitter from Sally’s or Walmart is really cheap. If you want your highlight to be literal sparkles, do it at home. It can be done at Pride, but it is often expensive and the lines can be really long.


  1. Practice getting ready before the day of.

If you want to try a new rainbow lip or mermaid eye shadow, practice beforehand. This will allow you to perfect that Pride look without growing frustrated because nothing seems to be working. You can find tons of looks online, so take some time to look around and try some different styles.

All of these tips should help you prepare for Pride. But remember, the day is about embracing who you are, so celebrate however you want to. Enjoy Charlotte Pride!

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