Vivid Hair, So There!

My hair is my pride and joy. Truly. I don’t ever want to go back to my old hair. It was dead and weighed down. But now my hair is light and shiny and most importantly colorful.

Vivid hair is a popular trend at the moment. And it can be tempting to jump on this rainbow colored train. But you have to be careful, or you’ll end up with fried hair. So I’m about to tell you how I got my perfect hair.

But before I get started, I have something important to tell you: don’t touch box dye. Don’t even look at it. It will fry your hair. Doesn’t matter what it says, if you bought it Walmart, toss it out.

But, if you’ve already used boxed dye, it’s not the end of the world. You can still get your dream hair, it just might take more work.

The Fated Meeting

That’s where I started. Two summers ago, I went to my local salon, ImageZ, and my life changed forever. I had wanted to cut my hair short because it was destroyed. The ends were fried, I had three layers of box dye on it. It was a mess.

But then like a knight with shining scissors, Leah came into my life and saved my locks. She loved my hair, and convinced me to keep it long. She said we could turn it into full-on mermaid hair if we took the time.

I fell in love. It started with a simple trim and shaping. Which made a huge difference. Leah works at a professional salon and works hard to put out the best looking product. That’s why I’d recommend a salon over a Great Clips or Sports Clips 9/10 times.

She took off the damaged ends, added some layers, and lightened the hair. She also booked me for a color and cut for a couple weeks out.

A Pop Of Color

After weeks of giddy excitement. The day had arrived. We had been talking about what kind of look I was going for. I had some limitations because of the state of my hair. I had to stay away from yellows and other lighter colors.

After six hours of work. I walked away with a beautiful hidden rainbow and a promise to take care of it. 


But how do you take care of colored hair? It may sound rough, but the answer is cold water. You have to wash it with cold water. And please do not wash it every day. You want the fading process to be slow and pretty, not short and drab.

It can be tough, but leaning your head over the tub or sink can help lessen the blow cold water brings. And it’s not every day. In between, use a good dry shampoo to keep the hair looking nice, and throw in a couple of braids if it’s looking a little greasy.

A Fairy-tale Ending

As I have gone back over the years, my hair has healed. I can now dye my entire head with most colors. I love hanging out with Leah and mixing up my hair. And I always take care of it. In fact, I have taken care of it too well in some cases. Now I have to wash it a lot in the two weeks leading up to a re-color.

But the most important thing is to remember that your hair can be fun and fresh. You just have to give your stylist the right canvas.

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  1. THIS BLOG IS EVERYTHING!!!!! I am so blessed to be mentioned in your article and everything Ashley said is 110% TRUE! I could not have said it better myself. Thankyou for writing this beautiful article, it makes my heart so full!!!💙💜❤💖💛🧡

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