Hayley Kiyoko: Fiercely Loving Women

Hayley Kiyoko is an inspiration. She is a woman I admire and respect. And I was fortunate enough to see her live in concert a couple months ago.

But why is she so inspiring? The answer may seem obvious. She is a lesbian singing about her love of girls. But seeing her live made me realize it’s more than that. And I hope to share that with you.

The Wait

The night of the concert, I arrived at the venue with my friend Carina. And there was a line wrapped around the block. It was amazing, seeing so many women-loving-women (WLW) in one place.

It had a different vibe than pride. The majority of the people there were girls my age and older. It wasn’t the LGBT crowd. It was a crowd of people who adore women in a beautiful way.

Everyone was so excited as the line moved. As I went through security, I saw Hayley Kiyoko on the screens. Underneath the label read sold-out. I was floored. The support being shown for a lesbian singer was mind-blowing.

The line for merch was forming, and trust me, I got some. And the crowd gathered in front of the stage. When the lights went of, the crowd went wild. And as a figure in a sequined jacket walked on stage, the crowd lost it.

Getting Hype

Then bam, Gavin Turek’s hood came off, and the crowd fell in love. Here was another talented singer, and she a Hayley supported each other.

The crowd got hype as Gavin played her set. And then it was over. We waited for Hayley. The crowd chanted and screamed as the band set up. And then, the music started.

Mic Drop

It was amazing. A video of all the important moments from her videos was playing behind the stage as the monologue from Gatekeeper began to play. And Hayley walked on stage.

It was amazing. The whole show was filled with nothing but love and support. She interacted with the crowd. Even catching a couple bras thrown at her.

But the underlying message was clear. She loves girls, and she loves all the people who support her. And no one can take away our love of women.

I don’t think I have ever been surrounded by as many people who adore women as I was that night. It was amazing. And I wish the rest of the world could appreciate women and encourage them as much as everyone did that night.

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